At the heart of the digital revolution

The Geneva banking and financial sector is not merely adapting to the digital transition but also actively shaping the digital future. Geneva stands out for its infrastructure and experience in data management.

Because our prosperity depends largely on our capacity to innovate, the Geneva Financial Center closely monitors these developments in an effort to better understand the challenges of the digital revolution.

The Geneva Financial Centre Foundation supports the digital transition in the following ways:

  • As an active member of the independent association Swiss FinTech Innovations    
  • By engaging in a constructive dialogue with the cantonal authorities to ensure FinTech can continue to contribute to the value-added of a forward-looking banking sector
  • By promoting events encouraging innovation and knowledge-sharing in finance


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"We shape the future"

The Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) is committed to the bank of the future

In the future, trust will remain at the heart of the relationship between the bank and its customer.

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Developing our strengths

The word FinTech is on everyone’s lips, and the Geneva financial centre is at the forefront of this revolution.



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Geneva Financial Center

Encouraging innovation

For the Swiss financial sector to remain competitive and continue to innovate, political and regulatory authorities should define a legal framework that supports the development of FinTech and does not discourage innovation.

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